JIRSS is the official journal of the Iranian Statistical Society. This open-access peer-review journal provides an international forum for refereed original research work in Probability, Mathematical Statistics, and Statistical Methods. Prime importance is given to significant theoretical developments and to innovative applications of statistical methodology. Manuscripts submitted to the JIRSS must be in English and present original unpublished work and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The JIRSS is published in one volume of two issues a year and appears in June and December. The journal follows the instruction of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


ARMA Autocorrelation Analysis: Parameter Estimation and Goodness of Fit Test

Pages 1-20


Ahmad Reza Soltani

Inference on Generalized Inverse Lindley Distribution under Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme

Pages 21-50


Suparna Basu; Sanjay K. Singh; Umesh Singh

Stochastic Comparisons on the Residual Lifetimes of Series Systems with Arbitrary Components using Copulas

Pages 51-72


Ebrahim Salehi; Seyyed Shahrokh Hashemi-Bosra

First-Order Spatial Gegenbauer Autoregressive (SGAR(1,1)) Model and some of its Properties

Pages 73-88


Alireza Ghodsi; Mahendran Shitan

An Improved Two-Stage Randomized Response Model for Estimating the Mean of a Quantitative Sensitive Random Variable

Pages 89-110


Rawan Arafa; Reda Mazloum

The Construction of Generalized Dirichlet Process Distributions via Polya urn and Gibbs Sampling

Pages 111-132


Hassan Akell; Farkhondeh Alsadat Sajadi; Iraj Kazemi

E-Bayesian and Robust Bayesian Estimation and Prediction for the Exponential Distribution based on Record Values

Pages 133-147


Alla Alhamaidah; Mehran Naghizadeh Qomi; Azadeh Kiapour

A Bivariate Process based Maintenance Model for Two-Component Parallel Systems

Pages 149-164


Reza Ahmadi; Zohreh Rasaei; Rahman Farnoosh

Ruin Probabilities for Two Risk Models with Asymptotically Independent and Dependent Classes

Pages 165-196


Abouzar Bazyari

Orderings of Extreme Order Statistics with Archimedean Copula and Powered Gompertz Random Variables

Pages 197-216


Ghobad Saadat Kia (Barmalzan); Kiomars Motarjem; Ali Akbar Hosseinzadeh

Stochastic Comparison of Hariss Family Distributions with Fixed and Randomized tilt Parameter

Pages 217-231


Somayeh Abbasi; Mohammad Hossein Alamatsaz

Characterizations of some Discrete Distributions and Upper Bounds on Discrete Residual Varentropy

Pages 233-250


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