Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 2, December 2022 
ARMA Autocorrelation Analysis: Parameter Estimation and Goodness of Fit Test

Pages 1-20


Ahmad Reza Soltani

Inference on Generalized Inverse Lindley Distribution under Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme

Pages 21-50


Suparna Basu; Sanjay K. Singh; Umesh Singh

Stochastic Comparisons on the Residual Lifetimes of Series Systems with Arbitrary Components using Copulas

Pages 51-72


Ebrahim Salehi; Seyyed Shahrokh Hashemi-Bosra

First-Order Spatial Gegenbauer Autoregressive (SGAR(1,1)) Model and some of its Properties

Pages 73-88


Alireza Ghodsi; Mahendran Shitan

An Improved Two-Stage Randomized Response Model for Estimating the Mean of a Quantitative Sensitive Random Variable

Pages 89-110


Rawan Arafa; Reda Mazloum

The Construction of Generalized Dirichlet Process Distributions via Polya urn and Gibbs Sampling

Pages 111-132


Hassan Akell; Farkhondeh Alsadat Sajadi; Iraj Kazemi

E-Bayesian and Robust Bayesian Estimation and Prediction for the Exponential Distribution based on Record Values

Pages 133-147


Alla Alhamaidah; Mehran Naghizadeh Qomi; Azadeh Kiapour

A Bivariate Process based Maintenance Model for Two-Component Parallel Systems

Pages 149-164


Reza Ahmadi; Zohreh Rasaei; Rahman Farnoosh

Ruin Probabilities for Two Risk Models with Asymptotically Independent and Dependent Classes

Pages 165-196


Abouzar Bazyari

Orderings of Extreme Order Statistics with Archimedean Copula and Powered Gompertz Random Variables

Pages 197-216


Ghobad Saadat Kia (Barmalzan); Kiomars Motarjem; Ali Akbar Hosseinzadeh

Stochastic Comparison of Hariss Family Distributions with Fixed and Randomized tilt Parameter

Pages 217-231


Somayeh Abbasi; Mohammad Hossein Alamatsaz

Characterizations of some Discrete Distributions and Upper Bounds on Discrete Residual Varentropy

Pages 233-250


Faranak Goodarzi