Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 1, June 2022 
Nonparametric Estimation of the Residual Entropy Function with Length-Biased Data

Pages 1-18


Farzaneh Oliazadeh; Anis Iranmanesh; Vahid Fakoor

Modeling Chile Fishing Data Using Environmental Exogenous Variables with GARCH-X Model

Pages 19-35


Jhon Barrera; Héctor Araya

Two-Step Calibration Estimator with Double Use of Auxiliary Variable: Method and Application

Pages 37-54


Singh Alka; Piyush Kant Rai; Muhammad Qasim

Quantile based Past Geometric Vitality Function of Order Statistics

Pages 55-79


Veena Lathakumari Vijayan; Enchakudiyil Ibrahim Abdul Sathar

Transformer Self-Attention Network for Forecasting Mortality Rates

Pages 81-103


Amin Roshani; Muhyiddin Izadi; Baha-Eldin Khaledi

Corrected Likelihood Estimation in Semiparametric Linear Mixed Measurement Error Models: Asymptotic Results

Pages 105-125


Hadi Emami; Shaho Zarei

Analysis of Dependent Competing Risk Model in the Presence of Joint Type-II Censoring Using Bivariate Marshll-Olkin Family

Pages 127-151


Ola Alsayed Abuelamayem; Hanan Mohamed Aly

Estimation for the Three-Parameter Exponentiated Weibull Distribution under Progressive Censored Dat

Pages 153-177


Nasrin Moradi; Hanieh Panahi; Arezou Habibirad