Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 2, December 2021 
Random Projection-Based Anderson-Darling Test for Random Fields

Pages 1-28


Yasser Al Zaim; Mohammad Reza Faridrohani

A Comparative Study of Some Clustering Algorithms on Shape Data

Pages 29-42


Sahar Asili; Adel Mohammadpour; Omid Naghshineh Arjmand; mousa golalizazdedh

Testing Several Rival Models Using the Extension of Vuong's Test and Quasi Clustering

Pages 43-63


Abdolreza Sayyareh

Estimation of Subpopulation Parameters in One-stage Cluster Sampling Design

Pages 65-78


Mostafa Hossaini; Abdolhamid Rezaei Roknabadi

Stochastic Restricted Two-Parameter Estimator in Linear Mixed Measurement Error Models

Pages 79-102


Nahid Ganjealivand; Fatemeh Ghapani; Ali Zaherzadeh; Farshin Hormozinejad

Time Series Modeling of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spread in Iran

Pages 103-116


Zahra Barkhordar; Zahra Khodadadi; Karim Zare; Mohsen Maleki

Preservation of Stochastic Orderings of Interdependent Series and Parallel Systems by Componentwise Switching to Exponentiated Models

Pages 117-128


Hossein Nadeb; Hamzeh Torabi

A Discrete Kumaraswamy Marshall-Olkin Exponential Distribution

Pages 129-152


Jiju Gillariose; Lishamol Tomy; Farrukh Jamal; Christophe Chesneau