Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1, June 2020 
Accurate Inference for the Mean of the Poisson-Exponential Distribution

Pages 1-19


Wei Lin; Xiang Li; Augustine Wong

Jackknifed Liu-type Estimator in Poisson Regression Model

Pages 21-37


Ahmed Alkhateeb; Zakariya Algamal

Bounds for CDFs of Order Statistics Arising from INID Random Variables

Pages 39-57


Jaber Kazempoor; Arezou Habibirad; Kheirolah Okhli

A New Proof of FDR Control Based on Forward Filtration

Pages 59-68


Ahmad Ehyaei; Kasra Alishahi; Ali Shojaei

On Conditional Inactivity Time of Failed Components in an (n-k+1)-out-of-n System with Nonidentical Independent Components

Pages 69-83


Farkhondeh Alsadat Sajadi; Mohammad Hossein Poursaeed; Sareh Goli

Sequential-Based Approach for Estimating the Stress-Strength Reliability Parameter for Exponential Distribution

Pages 85-120


Ashkan Khalifeh; Eisa Mahmoudi; Ali Dolati

The Weibull Topp-Leone Generated Family of Distributions: Statistical Properties and Applications

Pages 121-161


Hamid Karamikabir; Mahmoud Afshari; Haitham M. Yousof; Morad Alizadeh; Gholamhossien Hamedani

Parameter Estimation of Some Archimedean Copulas Based on Minimum Cramér-von-Mises Distance

Pages 163-183


Selim Orhun Susam

Bivariate Extension of Past Entropy

Pages 185-208


Ganapathi Rajesh; Enchakudiyil Ibrahim Abdul-Sathar; Krishnan Vijayalekshmi Ammal Reshmi

The Weighted Exponentiated Family of Distributions: Properties, Applications and Characterizations

Pages 209-228


Zubair Ahmad; Gholamhossien Hamedani; Mohammed Elgarhy