Information measures for record values and their concomitants under iterated FGM bivariate distribution

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1 Professor of Mathematical Statistics-Faculty of Science-Zagazig University-Egypt

2 Lecturer of Statistics-Faculty of Science-Zagazig University-Zagazig-Egypt



Let $\{(X_i,Y_i), i\geq1\}$ be a sequence of bivariate random variables (RVs)

from a continuous distribution. If $\{R_{n}, n\geq1\}$ is the sequence of record

values in the sequence $\{X_i\},$ then the RV $Y_i,$ which corresponds to $R_n$ is called the concomitant of the $n$th-record, denoted by $R_{[n]}.$ In this paper, we study the Shannon's entropy of $R_{[n]}$ and $(R_{n},R_{[n]}),$ under iterated Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern (IFGM) bivariate distribution. In addition, we find the Kullback-Leibler distance (K-L distance) between $R_{[n]}$ and $R_{n}.$ Moreover, we study the Fisher information matrix (FIM) for record values and their concomitants about the shape-parameter vector of IFGM bivariate distribution. Also, we study the relative efficiency-matrix of that vector-estimator of the shape-parameter vector whose covariance matrix is equal to Cram\'{e}r-Rao lower bound, based on record values and their concomitants and i.i.d observations. In addition, the Fisher information number (FIN) of $R_{[n]}$ is derived. Finally, we evaluate the FI about the mean of exponential distribution in the concomitants of record values.


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