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Kumar V, Rani R, Singh N. Quantile Approach of Generalized Cumulative Residual Information Measure of Order $(alpha,beta)$. JIRSS. 2020; 19 (2) :67-99
URL: http://jirss.irstat.ir/article-1-639-en.html
Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak-124001 , vikas_iitr82@yahoo.co.in
Abstract:   (1206 Views)
In this paper, we introduce the concept of quantile-based generalized cumulative residual entropy of order $(alpha,beta)$ for residual and past lifetimes and study their properties. Further we study the proposed information measure for series and parallel system when random variable are untruncated or truncated in nature and some characterization results are presented. At the end, we study generalized weighted dynamic cumulative residual entropy in terms of quantile function.
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Type of Study: Original Paper | Subject: 62Nxx: Survival analysis and censored data
Received: 2020/01/4 | Accepted: 2021/01/28 | Published: 2020/12/11

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