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‎In point estimation of the value of a parameter‎, ‎especially when such estimator under consideration had a probability density function‎, ‎then the limit that the expected value of the estimator actually equaled the value of the parameter being estimated will tends towards zero for the estimator to be unbiased‎. ‎Hence‎, ‎some interval about a point estimate needs to be included to accommodate for the region of unbiased estimate‎. ‎But in several occurrences when the random variable is not normally distributed as common in practice; then the interval estimated for the location and scale parameters may be too wide to give the desire assurance‎. ‎In this study‎, ‎we obtained some results on the confidence procedure for the location and scale parameters for symmetric and asymmetric exponential power distribution which is robust in any case of skewness or other cases like‎: ‎tail heavier; and or thinner than the normal distribution using pivotal quantities approach‎, ‎and on the basis of a random sample of fixed size $n$‎. ‎Some simulation studies and applications are also examined‎.
نوع مطالعه: Original Paper | موضوع مقاله: 60Exx: Distribution theory
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