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In this study‎, ‎a new polynomial rank transmutation is proposed with the help of‎ ‎ the idea of quadratic rank transmutation mapping (QRTM)‎. ‎This polynomial rank‎ ‎ transmutation is allowed to extend the range of the transmutation parameter from‎ ‎ [-1,1] to [-1,k]‎. ‎At this point‎, ‎the generated distributions gain more‎ ‎ flexibility than a transmuted distribution constructed by QRTM‎. ‎The distribution family obtained in this transmutation is considered‎ ‎ to be an alternative to the distribution families obtained by quadratic rank‎ ‎ transmutation‎. ‎Statistical and reliability properties of this family are‎ ‎ examined‎. ‎Considering Weibull distribution as the base distribution‎, ‎the‎ ‎ importance and the flexibility of the proposed families are illustrated by two‎ ‎ applications‎. ‎

نوع مطالعه: Original Paper | موضوع مقاله: 60Exx: Distribution theory
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